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About Us

Established in 1988 in the Hay Street Mall, PMC has been a beacon of health management ever since. According to Perth’s 6 degrees of separation, chances are you or someone you know has already experienced our services.

We are an accredited general practice, this means that we adhere to the exacting standards required by the Australian government reaccredited every 3 years. Our doctors also have to maintain individual reaccreditation every 3 years. This all means that you get the best possible care available. We are fully computerized allowing us to maintain thorough comprehensive medical records. We operate an appointment system and reserve appointment for release on the day ensuring that in most cases you will be seen on the day, and for those matters that really cant wait we also see walk-ins and emergencies.

We understand your time is valuable so we do not close or stop for lunch! And whilst we cannot guarantee that illness runs on time we do our best.

To help us run on time, we can arrange longer appointments for special conditions; such as surgical procedures, implanon insertion, mental health plans etc. just tell our friendly receptionist what you feel you may require when you call.

We have onsite pathology, practice nursing staff trained in specialized care, wound care,burns, immunisations, female health and PAP smears complex disease care planning.

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For a printable version or information about us, you can download our Practice Information Sheet in either ENGLISH or JAPANESE.

Flu vaccines are now available for ALL patients.

Please phone 94814342 to book an appointment.

IMPORTANT: COVID vaccines are now available for ONLINE Booking.


Please note anyone over 50 can book an appointment for the COVID Vaccine, but until then we will try and prioritise our elderly, at risk, over 50 and Group 1a or 1 patients, please book an appointment online. 
Additionally, we now have supplies of the Pfizer Vaccine, which are available for patients aged between 40 - 59.  Eligible patients must phone to book an appointment for this vaccine.

Please read and complete the COVID Vaccine Consent Form for either the ASTRA ZENECA or PFIZER.