COVID-19 Clinics

COVID Vaccinations are now available at Perth Medical Centre.

Unfortunately, the Government have advised us that our supply from them will be limited initially. As we have limited numbers of Astra Zeneca Vaccine we will try and prioritise our elderly and at risk patients. If you are over 50 and in group 1a or 1b, please book an appointment online.

As soon as we have more information to hand regarding when we will receive greater vaccine stocks, we will update our website and Facebook site.

Making safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines available to all Australians is a key priority of the Australian, State and Territory governments. Researchers and companies across the world are developing potential vaccines for COVID-19, and the Australian Government is tracking vaccine progress and working with developers to organise access for Australians if vaccines are successful.

The WA Department of Health is committed to implementing a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination program.  Please the below resources and forms for our COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

Flu vaccines are now available for ALL patients.

Please phone 94814342 to book an appointment.

IMPORTANT: COVID vaccines are now available for ONLINE Booking.


Please note, that as of the 17th of May, anyone over 50 can book an appointment for the COVID Vaccine, but until then we will try and prioritise our elderly, at risk, over 50 and Group 1a or 1 patients, please book an appointment online.

Please read and complete the COVID Vaccine Consent Form from HERE.